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carlotta scarabeo collane in corda.jpg

In an era of fluidity, change and constant movement, Carlotta Scarabeo bases her concept on a contemporary and unique keyword: Flexibility understood as the intersection of these contemporary elements. Nautical ropes and industrial parts are employed as basic constituent materials: overcoming the classic meaning of flexibility in a material perspective, they are employed to create jewels that can be worn, played, transformed. The wearing experience is not fixed, but allows a daily choice and re-combination of shape, length, colors and sometimes functions just through simple movements. Any accessory is therefore adaptable to suit different tastes, personalities, moods and daily outfits. Carlotta Scarabeo originates from upcycling practices that give both a new meaning and a new aesthetic value to the traditional concept of jewel, not just intended as a precious object but rather as unique piece realized through the re-articulation of existing elements in new shapes far beyond their traditional use. Light and comfortable despite their eccentric volume and their powerful statement value, Carlotta Scarabeo’s jewels can hardly be defined as precious objects: they’re soft and folding accessories that can be easily wrapped and put into a suitcase, becoming the perfect “travel jewelry”. The craftsmanship of Carlotta Scarabeo’s products is the inner added value through which it's possible to customize your own accessory.


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